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President Trump's New Travel (Immigration) Ban

On January 31, 2020 President Trump of the United States of America signed a presidential proclamation that expands the travel ban 3.0 to foreign nationals from 6 new countries, -Kyrgyzstan -Eritrea -Tanzania -Myanmar(Also known as Burma) -Sudan and -Nigeria The ban will take effect on February 21, 2020. For Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan & Nigeria it is basically a blanket ban, while for Tanzania and Sudan it is a stop to nationals from the two countries from being eligible for the Diversity Visa lottery at all. Immigration bans or hurdles are increasing everyday and politicians of certain countries are starting to prevent Africans and nationals of poorer nations from coming Permanently to their countries. It is an infection that started in Europe, has expanded into the U.S and might infect Canada, so anyone interested in migrating to North America should start the process immediately before it infects other western nations(Canada) How it affects Foreign nationals thinking about studying in the U.S If you are a foreign national from the four countries whose nationals have been banned from immigrating to the U.S, well it absolutely doesn't make any more sense to apply to US post secondary or postgraduate schools anymore since there is no longer any opportunity to become a permanent resident of the U.S and no chance for stability in order to have a family anymore as a citizen of these countries. Nigerians who are in the top 10 countries with the highest number of foreign/international students in the U.S should take note, under this ban if you haven't applied for an immigrant visa by February 21, 2020 can not apply for any immigrant visa, meaning you can no longer get a green card under any circumstances or application. Now compare with Canada, once you study in Canada(Which has relatively cheaper colleges and Universities than American), it is pretty much a straight forward process to Canadian Permanent Residency which leads to Canadian citizenship and it even comes with the added benefit of a spousal open work permit for your spouse while you are studying inside Canada. This means that your significant other can come to Canada to join you, be with you while you are studying and he/she can work full time to support you and your family while you go to school. Like, I mentioned earlier, it simply makes no more sense to study as an international student in the U.S again if you are from Nigeria. If you are in the U.S studying already, your best options are to graduate, try to use your OPT to work in the U.S to gain work experience and then immigrate to Canada or graduate and then apply for a post-graduate degree program in Canada(Masters or Postgraduate diploma) or simply just transfer to a Canadian school instead of wasting funds at a U.S college or University when you can move to Canada and then use your hard earn money to start earning points in the Canadian Experience Class Express Entry process by studying in Canada. If you are interested and have any questions or concerns you can reach out to us via email to or call us at +1(289)374-6334 today.


About The Author

Olayinka Ogundipe is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with Arborway Immigration Inc a Canadian Immigration Firm located in the GTA. He is a member in good standing with The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), which is the Canadian government mandated supervisory, licensing and regulatory body for all Canadian Immigration Consultants and also an Ontario appointed Commissioner of Affidavit on Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee matters.

You can follow him on Facebook @ArborwayImmigration, Instagram @ArborwayImmigration & LinkedIn @ArborwayImmigration

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