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Overturning a Rejected Canadian Student Permit/Visa Application to an approval

Applying for a Canadian Student Visa by yourself is a very tricky thing. Canadian Immigration Law can be simple but is often times a very complicated process.

A lot of Canadian Student Visa Applications are denied on a daily basis due to numerous reasons but all underlying fact behind such denials is that the applicant isn't familiar with the law or rule and regulations governing Canada's Temporary Residents Visa applications.

Usually a visa rejection is the least bad thing that can result from submitting a Canadian Student Visa Application without understanding the laws or rules and regulations; we have had clients that have worse results such as Visa bans for 5 to 10 years for simple, avoidable and unintentional misrepresentations in their applications. If a client comes to us, our job is to make sure this never happens.

An Indian national came to us after 2 visa application rejections, this client was desperate, school starts in January, he got in touch with us in the last weeks of November.

We immediately swung to action, reviewed his previous applications, his rejection letter, dug at the facts of his applications, the core reasons behind 2 separate visa officers rejecting both applications and then tackled the reasons head on by asking the client to provide specific supporting documents that will assuage the next officer enough to overlook both previous rejection(This is based on our knowledge of Canadian Immigration Law and our expertise in flipping visa rejections to approvals), we then prepared and submitted a new application, with the new supporting documents along with our usually strong hard hitting submission brief and within 2 weeks, right before Christmas our client has not only received his letter of passport request and visa approval, his passport has been returned with a 3 year Canadian Student Visa stamp in it.

If you or your dependents have recently or previously been denied a Canadian Student Visa, please schedule a consultation with us today, to see about having us overturn it to an approval.


About The Author

Olayinka Ogundipe is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with Arborway Immigration Inc a Canadian Immigration Firm located in the GTA. He is a member in good standing with The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), which is the Canadian government mandated supervisory, licensing and regulatory body for all Canadian Immigration Consultants and also an Ontario appointed Commissioner of Affidavit on Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee matters.You can follow him on Facebook @ArborwayImmigration, Instagram @ArborwayImmigration & LinkedIn @ArborwayImmigration

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