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Jobs in Canada

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Are there really any Jobs in Canada ?

There are jobs in Canada, lots of jobs, but you have to get hired(so same issues as experience, qualifications and must be in high skilled and demand) also note that a high number of Canadian employers presently demand Canadian experience from job seekers and for a foreigner that has never been to Canada before, there goes the proverbial catch 22.

Another issue is the interview, some employers are okay giving employment contracts and offers after a Skype interview, but you have to be extremely in high-demand or exceptionally skilled, highly recommended or with a vast amount of experience, but a vast majority, want to know, see and talk in person to the person they are hiring, so the million dollar question is: can you go over the stress, deal with the Visa process and pay the financial cost of coming over to Canada for an interview which a final positive outcome is not guaranteed ?

There are strategies to overcome all this but it will take time, patience, planning and some financial costs, if the idea of having you and your family live in a western civilized nation like Canada is your dream or goal then you have to create a plan, put in the work and also the financial cost.

If you are interested in making inquiries about living, studying, working or visiting Canada contact me today to talk about how we can help you strategize on a viable plan.


About The Author

Olayinka Ogundipe is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with Arborway Immigration Inc a Canadian Immigration Firm located in the GTA. He is a member in good standing with The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), which is the Canadian government mandated supervisory, licensing and regulatory body for all Canadian Immigration Consultants and also an Ontario appointed Commissioner of Affidavit on Immigration, Citizenship and Refugee matters.

You can follow him on Facebook @ArborwayImmigration, Instagram @ArborwayImmigration & LinkedIn @ArborwayImmigration

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