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Humanitarian And Compassion Applications

Humanitarian & Compassionate (H&C cases)

Do you think you are not eligible to become a Canadian Permanent Resident? Have you exhausted all other possible eligibility criteria to enter or remain in Canada? Have you been ordered to leave Canada? Well you can apply for Canadian residency on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds(Usually the last option).

Applicants can apply from within and outside of Canada for residency based on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds.

H&C grounds are applied for applicants with unusual cases. H&C grounds consist of different factors that can vary for each case.


  • H&C takes into account the best interest of children that will be affected upon your stay or removal from Canada;

  • Considers the implications of denying your request before rejecting a case;

  • Your hardships can work in your favour for once as the Hardship and the H&C assessment can qualify you for permanent residency through Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds;

  • Entry in Canada for a better life.


Who may apply?

You may apply for permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds if you:

  • currently live in Canada and;

  • are not eligible to apply for permanent residence from within Canada in any of these classes:

    • Spouse or Common-Law Partner;

    • Live-in Caregiver;

    • Protected Person; or

    • Temporary Resident Permit Holder and;

  • believe you would experience unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardship if you were required to leave Canada.

Who exactly is an H&C – Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Applications for?

The H&C grounds application class is for any individual who is out of status in Canada and is currently living in the Country (Simple anyone can apply). The application for an individual who is out of status and is applying under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds is assessed on particular factors. These factors


  1. How settled the individual is in Canada,

  2. His or her family ties to Canada,

  3. Circumstances considering children the outcome if an application under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds was declined

What are humanitarian and compassionate grounds?

You must clearly demonstrate that you and/or your children would experience unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardship if you were required to leave Canada. The cost and inconvenience of applying outside Canada is not considered a hardship.

Your application will be assessed on the information you provide and a decision will be made based on your personal circumstances and whether it merits humanitarian and compassionate considerations. Immigration Refugee & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may not ask you for any additional information on the humanitarian and compassionate grounds. The applicant must ensure that all circumstances you wish to have considered are identified and included in your application. The applicant must also include any documents which you believe will support their statements. The applicant is responsible for providing evidence in support of any statement they make on their application.


Immigration based on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

If an applicant feels that he or she would experience unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardship if they were required to leave Canada, an applicant may qualify for Permanent Residence.

Under the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds, a potential applicant must be residing in Canada at the time he or she lodges the application. The Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds is used in very specific cases and are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

These types of grounds are incredibly complicated to prove and require extensive immigration experience. In nearly all these matters an immigration professional is retained to ensure that the best interests of the applicant are being upheld. The margin for error is considerable and for this reason it is not recommended that one apply on behalf of themselves.


What to ask a Licensed Canadian Immigration Professional about the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Applications?

An application lodged under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds can be a delicate matter, therefore, it is important to ask questions. Often Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Applications are rejected because the right questions were not discussed in the written submissions and briefs sent along with the applications to the IRCC, so it is extremely important to have a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant Represent you in filing such an important, delicate and complex application.

Why Contact Arborway Immigration Inc. for an Assessment on your H&C Grounds Application?

At Arborway Immigration Inc., our Registered Canadian immigration Consultant conducts a thorough analysis of your case, if we deem that your situation makes you a strong applicant under the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Program, we would be able to prepare an argument to support your case. Due to sensitive nature of such an application we understand that the stressful circumstances are sometimes overwhelming, so our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant and staff we’ll do the very best to put your mind at ease.


Factors such as support from family in Canada and/or a child or children in your care could be helpful in the decision and outcome of your application. These will be discussed in great detail over a consultation. At Arborway Immigration Inc. we understand the importance and significance of putting together a thorough and well researched case for your Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Application with all the correct, logical and appropriate supporting documentation. We make sure that every application is done professionally and with proper analysis at earliest stage to avoid wasting of time and also the added aggravation of the costly task of reapplying.


Our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant will assess and analyze your application for inadmissibilities, restrictions, immediate application for the bar and best interests of a child (BIOC) along with other requirements in order to meet the Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) application standards.


To get the process started just call us at +1 (289)856-9437 or write us at today.

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